Proizvod info




  • All products are made from the best quality clay /Galestro, Euganea Hills, Toscana and Umbria places/
  • Wide range in colours, forms and sizes.
  • All products are guaranteed frost and wheathering resistancy.
  • Some pots are waterproof /saucers, indoor pots/.
  • Barcode label is included.
  • Pallet and packaging are included.



  1. Empty water from the pottery during the winter season and whenever temperature drops below 3 C, and ensure that rain does not fill it again.
  2. For the pots that are filled with soil, please make sure that drain hole is not blocked at any time. We recommend using boosters with our pottery to quarantee the excess water drainage.
  3. The pot bases are made to collect excess water of the pot, however it is recommended to empty the pot basis from the stagnated water especially when the termperature drops below 3 C.
  4. We suggest using special pot stands under the pottery to avoid direct contact with the ground.
  5. Use extreme care when moving objects when they are frozen because the bottom of the pot could be attached to the ground.Do not use boiling water or other substances, for example salt, on the pots to melt the ice or snow off of it as it may result in damaging the product.